Top rated Tourist Attractions in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous all over the world for Cajun cuisine, jazz music and vibrant celebrations of Mardi Gras. It is a city that is rich in cultures, which reflect in their language, food, and music. According to my friend who is running a business which you can visit here, New Orleans is a walking city, with most attractions located close to or in French Quarter. You can use a bus to move around the great city. The major attractions include:

French Quarter

The French Quarter is the place frequented by tourists among all other attractions in the city. It is situated at a bend near the Mississippi River. The major attraction in the Quarter is the architecture. The Quarter is also a perfect place for entertainment and dining. There are old buildings within the Quarters that are as old as three hundred years and portray the influences of the French over the years. Most of them are now occupied and have restaurants, souvenir shops, galleries, hotels and jazz spots among other entertainment modes.

Bourbon Street is the most famous in the French Quarter but not the major highlight of the region. The street is serene by day but at night it transforms into a noisy street, and it might not feel so safe. The other known road is Royal Street that will offer you a great history mix, unique shopping offers, fine cuisine, hotels, galleries, and high-end stores. The most significant building on this street is the Court of Two Sisters built in 1832 and now hosts a restaurant famous for jazz music. If you are looking for good music and restaurants, this is the place you should frequent when you are in New Orleans.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a signature event in New Orleans. Its celebrations stretch for two weeks and end on Shrove Tuesday with an epic finale on the day before the observance of Ash Wednesday. The festivities include a myriad of entertainment, and they intensify as the closing day draws near. Onlookers crowd the sidewalks and their balconies as they watch the parades and to get a few of the beaded necklaces that are used to decorate the floats. People congregate on Bourbon Street mainly but the entire French Quarter is usually crowded.

Jackson Square

At the center of the square there is an equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson made in 1856 and currently surrounded by greenery and beautiful trees.St.Louis Cathedral is a landmark that stands prominently at one end of the square. Close to the Cathedral, there is the Cabildo and Presbytere, and they both come from the Louisiana state museum.


These are a few attractions among the attractions you can get in New Orleans. You can visit the Preservation Hall and the museums in New Orleans. You can also consider spending a day at the City Park. It is a place that you can visit as a family because the kids will love to have fun at the amusement park. Before you visit the great city, research on the exciting places to visit and the things to do. The research on New Orleans will help you to plan your trip accordingly.